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Good for solo play, partner practices or group experiences. These toys are for those who wanna have more pleasure during sex or masturbation. Everybody has intimate desires. So we created the perfect products that suit everybody and every body.
Use lube! We recommend any water-based lube that agrees with your body. Use the toys to enjoy and discover yourself at your own pace – no need to rush things!
Our most products use medical grade silicone. It’s easy to use and easy to clean (we recommend using products your body is already used to down there!).

For the first time, you can start by trying a simple bullet vibrator.

Sometimes the bullets and toys can be too ‘buzzy’ and some women need a deeper rumbling vibration to get off. In that case, get the hitachi magic wand – it’s basically gas powered

If nothing’s doing it, and you want internal / g-spot stimulation, get an affordable simple g-spot vibrator like these, which can pair with a bullet.

What makes sex life better is people making their sex life interesting. Sometimes that can involve toys, but if your sex life is boring, toys probably won’t make a difference. If your sex life is interesting, toys can add variety and make it even better. It’s like adding a different spice to really good food. It’s different, but if the food was already burned, adding a different spice isn’t going to suddenly make it taste good.