Is it normal to prefer sex toys than an actual person?

Sex toys are not an alternative, but a complementary part of your sex life. However, you gotta decide if your guy or gal is worth more than toys. Let’s understand with an example –

Consider a real dick vs a dildo:

  1. Dick is messy and sticky. Dildo doesn’t have this problem.
  2. Dick comes with a human with ego, it can be a burden. With dildo, no such problem.
  3. With a dildo, you can decide when you want to have sex and when you don’t, FREELY. With a hard dick, the man whines or makes you feel bad when you don’t want sex. You feel so obliged to get it over and done with.
  4. You can swap a dildo for another dildo, it won’t feel hurt. You can choose plastic / metal / any material you like. Or even slip on a wolf penis sleeve for extra sensation. You don’t have to ask a dildo if it would like to try. You just do it!
  5. No pregnancy, no STDs from dildo.

Bottom line?

Dick is only attractive if the man himself is attractive. A person is better than a dildo, but a dick itself is definitely not better than a dildo.

There is a reason why some men are called dicks. Because they are really only as good as that.

More often than not, it’s better to be single with a dildo, than to be attached to a dick.

And the same goes for vagina/women.

So use your sex toys, but with partner.

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