EGG Cup Male Masturbator

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A high performing male masturbator that look small, but their super stretchy material allows them to fit all men! The external design of each EGG reflects the details of the internal surface: with 6 models, you will necessarily find the one of your dreams! These are:

  • WAVY – Like the waves of the ocean that continually sweep over the ribs, the multiple layers of ribs, wide and undulating, provide dizzy sensations you can only imagine!
  • CLICKER – Pins of different sizes for amazing stimulation! Caress, squeeze and knead … to ecstasy!
  • SPIDER – Spider web-like ribs provide superior grip, irregular internal surface and sticky feel!
  • TWISTER – Its whirling ribbons take you in a torrent of fun!
  • STEPPER – Bidirectional pimples that stimulate you in both directions, to make you lose your head!
  • SILKY – Grooves that interwine and wrap you gently, for a caress as soft as silk.

What else?

You probably don’t need separate lube for this (for the first use). They are already lubricated Since these are reusable – You will need a lubricant to feel the goodness. Discreet, Easy to carry and dispose.

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  • Unwrap these silicone eggs and use the lube included getting it ready. Then slide yourself in and feel one of the best sensations you’ll ever feel around your penis.
  • As you feel the silky sensation from the ribbed spool of silicone silk slide over you, you’ll start filling with delight. This masturbation eggs beyond imagination outward appearance and lovely packaging, even women have hooked!
  • This new product design thinking is aimed at the glans stimulation, the internal structure of the different — protruding point type, wavy, cobweb type.
  • High-quality elastic resin material not only has good flexibility and has more and the maiden skin are the same, soft tactility.
  • Cleaning is simple and convenient, for fear of trouble you it is a good choice! As a gift must give him a sweet and surprise.
How To Use

1. Tear packing stickers
2. Open the outer "eggshell" – Remove masturbation sets and lubricants
3. Insert it into your penis and then go your own way

14 reviews for EGG Cup Male Masturbator

  1. Aria Rodriguez

    I got one of these as a gag gift coz it was so unique. I gave it to my hubby and he loved the vibrations. So when we saw there were different ones to try we eagerly brought them. I have given some of them to others and they enjoyed the gift.

  2. Stela Chaneva

    i initially bought it for my bf for the time I had to travel for work. He used a few and had fun with it. I do think it’s better to use as a toy for a couple together cause it’s super fun!
    I also gave away a few eggs to my male friends. It is such a hilarious gift. I’m intending to get more for Easter. 😼

  3. Andy

    Great. I like it. Every night I use this.
    You have to warm it sake to body temperature. It does a great job.

  4. Priston D

    I bought the product after viewing a video of how it was used online. I could tell it was made of super soft material, but I didn’t realize just how soft it was.
    It’s almost like jelly and super stretchy. I didn’t notice any discernable suction from it when I used it. In my case, my partner used on me. She loved the intimacy of it and it was a great experience for us. It was the first time my partner had been involved in that kind of activity with me and she seemed to really get into it.
    The feeling of it wasn’t anything mind blowing. It anything else, it felt like something was missing from the experience. Maybe I was expecting something else, I don’t know. It did do the job just fine though. The egg design kept the mess to a minimum. Pro tip: manscape before you use it.
    The product cleaned up easy enough. Didn’t even need soap in my case. I followed an online video about cleanup procedures. The egg was slightly out of shape on the end when I went back to collect it after it has dried sufficiently. I’m not sure if the material was just so stretchy soft that hanging it from something to dry did it or if I had done it during use and didn’t realize. Hopefully the new shape is temporary.
    All in all, it’s not a bad introduction to male sex toys. I didn’t like the idea of using a fake body part so the fact this product didn’t try to be something it couldn’t be was a major deciding factor to try it out. If you’ve never had a male toy before, Eggs masturbator are a good start.

  5. Alvin

    There isn’t much to be said in the department of variety. The different colors simply refer to the different designs carved onto the insides of the masturbator. But this product is well worth the money as it is reusable. Simply just buy a spare tube of lubricant ready and enjoy. The egg should be gently dried after use. When wet, the material develops a sticky texture and will eventually crumble apart. Each egg can last for a good 2 weeks when properly maintained. Am a happy customer.

  6. Andrey

    cool product, seems more like something unique though. Can be washed and reused, but a puzzle to get back in the “shell” after they get used and stretch.

  7. Laura Zuniga

    I’m not a fan of giving blow jobs, but I am a fan of handcuffs and blindfolds. I like the tenga egg because I can use it to stimulate a man’s penis and he has no idea what is going on if he can’t see it.

  8. Bennet

    Nice set of eggs. They are fun to play with and easy to clean.

  9. Taylor Anderson

    These adult male toys provide a range of motion/sensation and are a nice addition for a solo male or a couple who want something to add in getting and keeping the man erect. If you are into parties the sensation sought with minimal risk of exposure when used by or on a single individual. The lubrication provided is adequate, but additional lubrication is necessary for extended use.

  10. David Flores

    He arrived sooner than expected, complete and in good condition. Very happy

  11. Daniel Wulandri

    The egg arrived quickly and discreetly, I was quick to try it that evening. Nice experience that changes hands, I used another lubricant instead of the one included. It is very soft and provides a pleasant feeling of warmth! Good product.

  12. Antonio Pereira

    Very Excellent Packaging. Product is Same as Shown. Very Soft and Lube Included.

  13. Marcus Laurel

    very well packed closed securely and with bubble bag for protection.

  14. Ronny Cezar

    The product has arrived in Canada in a short time, well sealed and without problems. I give it a rating of 4 since the design inside the egg, as you can see in the image, does correspond to the one in the photograph. When I try it I will give my full opinion.

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